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Broncos Tailgate
Club Transportation
Livermore, CO
Heading down the Road
Boettcher Concert Hall
Pawnee National Grasslands
Denver Botanic Gardens Pond
Coors Brewery
Blackhawk, Colorado
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 About Us ...

Overland Trail Bus Lines emphasizes coach bus transportation to and from the rural Northeast Colorado area.  Passengers groups commonly include senior center participants, businesses, sports teams and wedding parties.  We provide many different trips throughout the year to educational and recreational events, sight-seeing events, dinner theaters, concerts and many more destinations.


We also provide transportation for students in the Sterling, Colorado area who wish to attend school in Merino, Colorado.


* The coach trips are in Colorado only.


Safety is first and foremost at Overland Trail Bus Lines.  Drivers and equipment meet or exceed regulations for charter buses as established by governmental agencies including the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.  All drivers are subject to random drug and alcohol screenings.

USDOT:  2561329  Overland Trail Bus Lines, Inc.

For information concerning the Overland Trail Bus Lines, Inc. charter buses, please fill out the information below or call us!

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